Implementation of German standards in TVET:

We help you to achieve German quality standards in your TVET programmes and to have the programmes accredited and certified by the respective German foreign chamber of commerce (AHK).

German quality standards in TVET

The umbrella organisation of all chambers of industry and commerce in Germany, the “Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce” (DIHK), has set up quality levels with defined quality criteria for TVET programmes based on the German dual system.

First of all, three quality levels are distinguished:

  1. German dual vocational and educational training (VET) abroad
  2. Local dual VET in line with the German model
  3. Local dual training with elements of the German system.

The general differences are measured by the respective shares of the corresponding German curricula and training plans in the Egyptian curricula.

The level "German dual vocational and educational training (VET) abroad" (A-Level), for example, requires an almost 100 percent correspondence to the German specifications with only very slight adaptations or localisations to the respective local conditions.

In the level "Local dual VET in line with the German model" (B-Level) at least 50% of the core and professional skills of the German job profile must be found in the Egyptian curriculum.

The level "Local dual training with elements of the German system" (C-Level) does not give any percentage guidelines, which must nevertheless be recognisable.

Besides these general criteria, there are of course a lot of specific criteria of the quality categories. We will gladly inform you about this.


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