Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Software

Our M & E software is developed to assess the performance of educational and training programmes. Its main goal is to continuously monitor the performance of certain target groups (students, apprentices, participants, lecturers, teachers, trainers), to improve the implementation of training programmes and to specifically support individual participants. Our M&E system provides comprehensive information for the final and interim evaluation of training programmes.

The respective criteria for evaluation are freely selectable and can relate to relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact of activities and others.

With our M&E system you always have a comprehensive overview of your current and completed programmes and can take targeted and timely measures for improvement.

The M&E system comes with rich, interactive dashboards which are updated real time and provide quick insight into the status of programmes and projects, indicator achievement, work plan progress etc.

The dashboards can be customised to your preferences and are equipped with advanced filter functionality to view specific datasets.