About us It all started with vocational training. From the very beginning, we attached great importance to the implementation of what was learned at the workplace or in the professional application situation. Learning how to act professionally by already practicing this action in the learning situation.

We started with standard courses at various educational institutions, such as chambers of industry and commerce, chambers of trades, universities and other institutions. The corresponding curricula were fixed and only "the content had to be imparted".

Later, training events for experts and managers from developing countries and certain industries were added. Here we had to define the curricula and learning objectives in a way that was appropriate for the participants and their application contexts, and thus had more responsibility and scope for action.

As one of our founders worked for a distance university in the nineties, we were able to combine didactic competence in distance learning with the familiar face-to-face interaction. We combined classroom learning in the group with self-study at home and could reduce the absence from work during the trainings.

Without the term being known, this already was an early form of blended learning. With the advent of the Internet, distance learning texts were replaced by communication in groupware systems or later in virtual learning environments.

Theoretical content is taught in guided self-study moderated by our trainers. To make e-learning even more effective, we are using elements of instructional design. For us, continuing education has become inseparable from modern information, communication and interaction techniques. Consequently, we have expanded our competencies in the area of educational software development and can effectively combine these with our educational competencies and experiences.

The combination of capacity building, continuing education and information and communication technology is hard to imagine without a competent partner. For many years we have therefore been working with Power Solution ® Company who are proven specialists in the field of software development for education and training. Together we deliver comprehensive consulting, development and capacity building from one source.

Together we offer more than 40 years of experience and knowledge in training, development and consulting so that our clients and their employees keep pace with the rapidly changing world of work.