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20.07.2012 - UNESCO Office for Iraq

UNESCO marks important TVET teacher training in Kurdistan

A teacher greets UNESCO Project manager Mrs. Ilaria Vanzin after receiving her certificate during the ceremony on 18 July in Erbil. \ © UNESCO Iraq 2012

UNESCO hosted on 18 July 2012 a ceremony to celebrate the achievement of the teachers who completed the first training held in the framework of the project "Improving Quality of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in the Kurdistan Region". The event was attended by distinguished representatives of Iraqi governmental and public institutions active in the field of technical and vocational education.

During this event that was held at the Foundation for Technical Education (FTE) in Erbil, twenty-five teachers received certificates and awards for completing the training “Modern Teaching Methodology”. Members of the FTE Foundation under the Ministries of Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Labour and Social Affairs, attended together with the trainers from the Institut fuer Bildungstransfer and UNESCO representatives were among the attendees, in addition to representatives of the Federation of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Erbil.

In his speech, the representative of the Foundation for Technical Education Dr. Azad Ramazan Ali congratulated the teachers on their achievements, and stressed the importance of the training by saying that the technical support provided by UNESCO Iraq office in the past and nowadays is crucial for bringing the TVET in Iraq back to the high level of the past. Dr. Azad thanked UNESCO and hoped that the profitable collaboration between FTE and UNESCO will continue in the future for the benefit of the entire Iraqi community.

Ms. Ilaria Vanzin, UNESCO Project Manager, explained the significance of this teacher training and its role in the framework of UNESCO project and how successful was the blended formula adopted. Through joining traditional training methods with distance learning, UNESCO experts and trainers from Institut fuer Bildungstransfer were able to implement a more comprehensive training, and to tackle extensively the more important topics for improving the quality of teaching at TVET level. Mrs. Vanzin praised teachers who demonstrated their commitment and thanked the Line Ministries for the key support provided during the entire process.

Three participants were also awarded prizes for their excellent performance and effort in the training programme.

Through its oriented projects and partnerships, UNESCO is working to promote the importance of technical and vocational education in providing job opportunities and reducing poverty in Iraq. In particular, UNESCO is focusing on improving the quality of technical and vocational education and advocating its key role in the economic development.







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